It’s too dam hot for a Penguin

Posted: June 18, 2009 in Detroit Red Wings, Eye Candy, Hockey, Penguin, Pittsburgh Penguins, Sako's Second
Eye Candy & Friend

Eye Candy & Friend

What might have been the greatest idea for a bet had officially back-fired. It reminds me of the scene in Happy Gilmore, when Happy makes the sure bet if the hot chick couldn’t put the puck in the net he’d get to kiss her and of course she nails it… and sends Happy into No Shit mode.  Well Sako made alittle wager with EyeCandy. (Left)


Sako took the Red Wings (A sure win, right?) if they were to beat the Pens, Eye Candy would have to do the next Sako’s Second in a Catholic school girl outfit and if the Pens would win,

Eye Candy & Sako

Eye Candy & Sako

which they did, well Sako had to, well click here and check it out. 










I think I found Sako’s next acting gig. 

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