Harrison to Bears, Just say NO

Posted: August 19, 2009 in Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts, Marvin Harrison, Tony Dungy

MarvinIt isn’t a secret that the Bears need help at wide receiver, but I don’t believe Marvin Harrison is the answer. Former Colts coach, Tony Dungy  told “Waddle & Silvy” on ESPN 1000, that if LovieSmith were to ask him about Marvin Harrison, the endorsement would be strong. Dungy added, “I think he definitely can play, and I would encourage Lovie to sign him if they had an opening,”

The 36-year-old Harrison is an eight-time Pro Bowl selection, and the free agent has no team to play for in ’09. “Marvin can play the game,” Dungy said. “Marvin can get open and catch the ball.”  He may have been able to play ,but the one thing he couldn’t do in Chicago is handle the media. In Indianapolis, he didn’t talk and the media didn’t try to talk to him. He was never in the locker room during open media access during the week and if he was in there, the local media didn’t even bother with it. On the field he hated when the camera was on him, in an exhibition game in Cincinnati a few years ago he pushed a local camera cause the camera guy was getting a shot of him walking onto the field. I don’t believe in Chicago he would be able to walk around as All-Mighty, the Chicago media would put’em in his place pretty quick.


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