For the Fan – By the Fan

Posted: September 23, 2009 in Best Damn Poll In The Land, College Football, Florida, NCAA, NCAA Football 2010

LogoHave you ever looked at those college football rankings and just couldn’t understand. Were you tired of coaches that didn’t even see games, yet voted or how about the media and the hype that they put on some teams. Well, we have found a site for you, The Best Damn Poll In The Land — “For the Fan, By the Fan”

According to the site, It’s a  group of 40 members from around the country, who came to know each other via a once popular sports message board community, decided to take action. We came up with a balloting system and produced our own poll, free from bias. How did we accomplish this? In a word: Transparency. Every pollsters ballot was made public each week. There was debate, yelling, and even some spitting. Yet, each week, we produced a product that we were proud of and reflected the short comings of the current systems in place.

The poll was embraced by not only the regular posters in the once popular message board community, but since it was a national board, we garnered attention from the casual fan. Passers by would join the board just to comment on The Best Damn Poll In The Land. Now, not all of it was positive, but the fact that they would take the time to comment made us feel we were on to something. We didn’t stop there.
Here’s this week’s Top 5
  1. Florida
  2. Texas
  3. Alabama
  4. Penn State
  5. California
Check here for the rest of the POLL

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