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Harry Caray Defaced

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Chicago Cubs, Harry Caray Statue

Kyle Betts/Tribune

It’s not the first time and I’m sure it won’t be the last, but the statue of Chicago Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray was defaced on Sunday in a bizarre incident surrounding Wrigleyville. Someone spray painted  “Sox”  “Dies or Bites” on it.

The statue is no stranger to problems in the past, a dead goat was found hanging from the statue, then the statue which was originally at North Sheffield Avenue and West Addison Street, was moved a block north to North Sheffield and West Waveland avenues to make room for a statue of Hall of Fame Cub Billy Williams. After that it was damaged in November when a worker ran an equipment vehicle into the monument while converting the field for a college football game. The accident left a sizable crack in the granite base. So far there has been no leads on might have done the latest paint job.


Everytime I get behind some idiot thats either driving too slow, can’t seem to find their turn signal, or just can’t drive I just wonder, I bet that guy behind the wheel is a Cub fan. Well wonder no more. On Wednesday, the state of Illinois will begin ­selling Cubs license plates. These “Your Following a Loser” tags will run you $69 and will have a royal-blue background and team logo. It’s bad enough that Cub fans are bad drivers but now South Siders will have to stare at that ugly logo too.

We have a buyer, according to, Grant DePorter, CEO of Harry Caray’s Restaurant Group, has purchased the Sammy Sosa corked bat with an auction bid price of $14,407.The bat, which was used in a 2003 Cubs game against Tampa Bay, will be on display at Harry Caray’s Restaurant on Kinzie beginning Thursday. DePorter said,  “This bat is unquestionably a unique piece of Chicago sports history, and it is a perfect fit for our museum collection.”

It always comes in threes and for Chicago sports fans it did again on Tuesday. The hottest softball player ever to play the game Jennie Finch, Cubs Skipper Lou Piniella, and UIC basketball coach Jimmy Collins all decide it was time to hang it up. Finch, 29 said she’ll play one more week with the U.S. team and retire from the sport next month when the National Pro Fastpitch season is over. In an interview with AP Finch said, “This whole career has been way more than I ever even imagined or dreamed,”

For Jimmy Collins it’s been a long 14 seasons with UIC and in August it’ll come to an end, “It is difficult to leave UIC and the great student-athletes who are returning,” Collins said in a released statement on Tuesday “After much introspection, I feel it is my time to enjoy retirement and have more time with my family. … I have enjoyed the opportunity to do something that is dear to my heart for so long, and that is special.” UIC was 8-22 in the 09-10 season.

On the Northside, Lou Piniella officially announced that his managerial career will end at the end of this season. What really wasn’t a huge surprize leaked out by his agent before he had time to inform his players and coaching staff. “I’ve been extremely appreciative of my four years here with the Chicago Cubs, Piniella added “It has been a wonderful experience, a wonderful city, wonderful fans but at the end of this year I turn 67 and it’s time for me to get on with a new phase of my life.”

A few weeks ago, it was Sweet Lou watching Brad Stevens and his Butler Bulldogs, tonight Sweet Lou’s Cubs were in action and Stevens was there in Chicago to take it all in, throw out the first pitch and of course sing the 7th inning stretch. Larry Hawley was there to cover it for INDY Sports Nation, check his story out by clicking here.


Milton Bradley suspended for the season from the Chicago Cubs, tells Mom, “He could feel the hatred from the fans”    YOU THINK??? What the hell have you done this year?  Bitch,complain,moan,etc,etc


I don’t think Colts Raheem Brock could have put it any better after beating the Dolphins on Monday night. “That wildcat is a muthafucka…but we know how to finish and play championship football on to the next one!”

TFoul cleaned up this week with a 3 for 3 week, contest included.  New Orleans -2, Juan Pablo Montoya finishing in the top3 and Colts -3.  Check back this week for more entertainment only picks including the do as you please Sako NCAA football picks.

KawanoMost Chicago baseball fans, even White Sox fans would recognized the name,Yosh Kawano. For those who don’t including Cubs secuirty, He’s the longtime former Cubs equipment manager, known for his floppy white hat. He retired last years after 65 years of work, and was even given a day in his honor last June and a flag with his name was flown at the stadium, plus a banner honoring him hangs in the main concourse alongside other famous Cubs players and announcers, and he’s also  part of the bricked ”walk of fame” adjacent to the ballpark. Even The home clubhouse was named in Kawano’s honor in 1984, and he worked there until 1999, when he was given emeritus status and transferred to the visitor’s clubhouse.

About two weeks ago, Kawano went to the park to visit members of the grounds crew. Three security guards approached him and told him he had been spotted on the concourse security cameras and was asked by security to leave Wrigley Field on a day the team was out of town. Apparently, Kawano has visited Wrigley Field more then a few times since his retirement last season but wasn’t welcomed this time, “They apologized to me and said it bothered them,” Kawano said. ”They said I’m not supposed to be there when (the Cubs) isn’t there. How do you think I felt? It’s embarrassing.”

Kawano has been nominated for the Baseball Hall of Fame’s Buck O’Neil Award for lifetime achievement in baseball, an honor initiated last season and to be voted on every three years by the Hall’s board of directors. Last June, Kawanoalso went to the Hall for ceremonies to present his trademark floppy hat for display in Cooperstown. It really shows how the Cubs, Cubs security, and the whole Cubs organisation really has it’s head up it’s ass. Way to go, maybe next week they’ll ask Ron Santo to leave.