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It was first talked about by Mark Montieth, in his One on One segment with Pacers interim Coach Frank Vogel. But it seemed the video of Coach Vogel on The Letterman show doing his “Stupid Human Trick” was going to be hard to find. Well Pacer fans thanks to Jerkylfish, here it is. Frank shows up at 5:04 if you want to skip right to it.


Game 3 at Conseco Fieldhouse felt like a home game, at times  for the Chicago Bulls on Thursday night. The Pacers and Coach Vogel even understood how this could be with the Bulls having the history of traveling in large numbers. Earlier this week Vogel joked about it, by asking Pacer fans to support the team, and that metal detectors would keep Bulls fans out of the building.  The game was a sellout, and Indiana had a clear advantage in crowd support, but it was about 60-40, with plenty of RED. Check out the Bulls post game fan rally via Jeremiah Johnson of FOX59.

Bulls Fan Rally Post Game

Well, it wasn’t the Pacers but overall if it couldn’t be with the blue and gold, most Butler fans seemed happy that Gordon Hayward landed with the Jazz. But is the state of Utah happy?  Jazz fans believe tha their second top-10 draft pick in 27 years should have been used on a power forward or center to help address their frontcourt issues. The 3,500 fans who attended the Jazz’s draft party at EnergySolutions Arena booed the choice, knowing that several good post players remained available when the Jazz picked. According to reports the reaction was so aggressive, fans walked out before an interview with Hayward was broadcast on the video screen and even the vice president of basketball operations, Kevin O’Connor felt he had to take the microphone to defend the choice.  “The only thing I hope is that in two years you’re not booing,”

Larry BirdProfessional teams get request from fans all the time, anything from free stuff, to maybe a meet and greet with the teams superstar. But what happen to the Fingerhut family was a dream come true. The following is part of a letter sent to the Indiana Pacers,

To Whom It May Concern:
You probably see this type of letter all the time, so I will understand if I get a response along the lines of a courteous apology. Even so, I have a question that I hope someone can forward to the right people.

My brother and I are taking my Dad to a Pacers game for his Christmas present. We have tickets to this Sunday’s game against the Boston Celtics at 6 p.m. That scenario in itself, is not so unique, except this will not be a piece of cake for us. My Dad and Mom raised four of us kids in St. Louis, MO. Besides the “religion” of Cardinal baseball that we were baptised into as fans, Dad, a lifelong St. Louisan as well as lifelong NBA fan, raised us on Celtics basketball.

Check out Touching the hand of Basketball Jesus for the full story, on Larry Bird doing so little, that meant so much.

melMelvin Simon, the son of a New York City tailor who started what is now the country’s largest shopping mall company and owned the NBA’s Indiana Pacers with his brother, died Wednesday, at the age of 82.
BrandMyles Brand, also passed away today after a nearly year-long battle with pancreatic cancer. Brand had served as NCAA president since January 2003. Brand was 67.


PacersAn Indiana Pacers equipment manager, Joey Qatato, has filed a lawsuit seeking damages against player Jamaal Tinsley for injuries suffered in a shooting outside the Conrad Hotel in December 2007. Qatato was in the backseat of Tinsley’s Rolls Royce as three cars traveled from a Westside club toward Downtown Indianapolis. Two vehicles followed, police said the people in the vehicles harassed Tinsley about his flashy cars and his wealth outside the club. Gunfire erupted as Tinsley’s car pulled up outside the Conrad Hotel.

The lawsuit says Qatato was trapped in the back seat as Tinsley and the cousin ran for cover inside the hotel lobby. The back door’s lock was engaged and could only be controlled by the driver, the suit says. Qatato sustained gunshots to both elbows and has needed several surgeries, said his attorney Greg Hahn. The suit says Qatato has permanent impairment in both arms. The suit, filed last week in Marion Superior Court, names Tinsley and Smith based on claims including negligence, reckless misconduct, infliction of emotional distress and false imprisonment.

ARE YOU KIDDING?? Qatato knew who he was hanging with that night, so to help, TFoul has come up with a few pointers to help Qatato out next time he finds himself in trouble again.

  1. When climbing in the back seat of your motorcade vehicle, always make sure to check that the child safety locks are turned off. This will allow for a faster get away, in trying to avoid gun fire.
  2.  Always carry your weapon on your person, we figured Qatato would have his in hand, like he did in that hotel window in Detroit.
  3. When riding with want to be gangsters, always check for the nearest exits upon arriving in the vehicle.