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Has everyone noticed that the pain in Mannings neck, is becoming more of a pain in the ass? Everywhere you look, someone has an update, a rumor, or a “informant” that has leaked something. It all started with a Tweet from 1070 The Fan’s radio host JMV when he tweeted, “Been told by multi sources that QB P Manning needs a 2nd neck procedure. Will remain out indefinitely.Called #Colts and waiting on response.” It was a tweet that JMV took alot of shit for, but after a few days seemed to be right on. This news knocked the State Fair right off the front page and now has put Manning’s mug neck on everything I look at.

The Colts finally came forward today, when GM Bill Polian told ESPN Radio 1050 in New York, not the local stations, that quarterback Peyton Manning will not play Sunday. Manning himself even released a statement.

“To say I am disappointed in not being able to play is an understatement. The best part about football is being out there on the field playing with my teammates. It will be tough not to be out there playing for the organization and our fans. I simply am not healthy enough to play, and I am doing everything I can to get my health back. The team will do fine without me, and I know for sure that I will miss them much more than they will miss me.”

Then tonight another added twist, WNDE radio host Jake Query tweeted,

“A source I consider reliable told me he is out for the season. I do believe that the actual diagnosis is still being determined”

“I was also told the 3rd procedure has taken place, either Sun or Monday.”

I’m not sure if the latest tweets was a rating ploy or not but it got people talking and retweeting and even got response from team owner Jim Irsay, “Peyton didn’t have a medical procedure last sunday,we’ll have more info 2 add clarity 2 situation soon.”

The season kickoffs tomorrow and I expect we’ll hear plenty more about Manning’s neck, I’ll even set the over/under at 7 for Thursday game broadcast.


It was April 2009, and the launch of INDY Sports Nation was going to change the way sports was covered in the state of Indiana, but a year and eight months later, the Nation will be no more. According to sources at Fox 59, INDY Sports Nation ends January 3rd. It’s back to Fox 59 Sports, Twitter names have been changed from ISN to Fox59 (JJFox59Sports & Fox59LHawley), will take you to the new and the blog stories are absent. 

The Early Days

The Founder has strong words in the beginning and a clear outlook what this site could have been.  “The web offers unique story telling opportunities that you just can’t get on TV radio or print.  Hope you like the site. We are trying to make it for you the fans, not for our egos.”  So where did it go wrong?  That’s anyones guess, but has to start with a poor site leader (who’s no longer there), because in a real sports town this concept would have killed, by giving the fans,”opportunities that you just can’t get on TV radio or print.”  Give me a strong staff of five, that are all on board and I’ll give you the numbers that your looking for. So Long Nation, it’s been fun and hopefully we’ll still be able to read some of the great insights on some of the great local stories this city has to offer.

Flash Back – “Words from the Founder”

Other INDY Media News

 – Last week Jim Irsay joined the Twitter family, as of today he has 9,885 followers and it’s well worth it. With updates like  “Bob Sanders to go on I.R. soon…we need the roster spot with so many injuries.”  and contest  “I got 5 pairs of free colts/titans for real coltfans who will actually go to the game in person! How should we dole these out? Colts trivia?”  He’s one you might want to start following.   

 – Former WRTV Sports anchor Jake Query (Twitter – Jakequery) won one of Jim Irsay trivia givaways, an easy $1000


IrsayIndianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay doesn’t want Rush Limbaugh anywhere near the St. Louis Rams. Irsay said at the NFL owners’ meetings on Tuesday that he wouldn’t vote to approve the radio talk show host. Several players, including Indianapolis Cathedral grad and Giants DE, Mathias Kiwanuka  have said they wouldn’t want to play for the conservative commentator. Limbaugh was forced to resign from ESPN in 2003 after making comments the league felt were racially insensitive.