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A former Indianapolis Colts cheerleader is suing the team, claiming she was discriminated against when photos of her posing in a painted bikini led to the Colts saying by-by.  Malori Wampler was fired last November after a fan, YES, A COLTS FAN sent in photos of the cheerleader wearing nothing more than body paint in the shape of a bikini. (See Poll below)

The story which was posted in the Indianapolis Star, states that the photos violated the Colts’ code of conduct, but Wampler, who is of Indonesian descent, says she did not violate policy because the photos were taken prior to joining the Colts’ cheer squad and while working for Playboy. According to The Star, Wampler claims the Colts discriminated against her based on her gender and ethnicity, saying other cheerleaders have committed similar acts but were allowed to keep their jobs.

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